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About the parent company: Prestige Group believes in bringing the best to its buyers and letting them have the time of their lives. After years of hard work and passionate skill in the play and decades of expertise, it has finally reached its pinnacle as a leading property developer in the country, which is visible in the ultra-luxury residential complexes like Prestige White Meadows and the latest venture known as Prestige Park Grove. With over 200 buildings in store, Prestige has breached every limit to have you live your moment in the most convenient way possible. It ensures the smoothest flow of life. Prestige Group is a fast-growing real estate company inaugurated in 1986 and founded by Razack Sattar. Since its establishment, the company has generated a whopping revenue of $ 1.2 billion, helping forge a skyline of success. Headquartered in Bangalore, it is known for the multitude of amenities it has in store for the buyers of their apartments, and the owners are building a realm of beatific edifices throughout the nation while assuring the best for the citizens. Just a little over thirty years down the road and they have proved to be worthwhile and have cut for the top property development companies based in India. The services offered by the company are commercial offices, apartments, shopping malls, villas, hotels, etc. and has numerous projects, Prestige Parkgrove being the most prestigious among all. Prestige owns branches and projects in the prominent cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Hyderabad and other bustling cities. Prestige did not confine its business territory to residential apartments; it has waded into other ventures like commercial offices, shopping malls, golf courses, hotels, etc. and has emerged triumphantly in all of the above. It believes in bringing its customers the finest and most chiselled services at a cost set at an unprecedented low for such a company of its stature. But that is not all; numerous more projects are to be launched shortly. Prestige Park grove: Happiness, and contentment, are the aspects that were regarded as the bane of one's existence not long ago. But with the new generation adapting to hustle culture, it has been lost on everyone to maintain a life wherein you feel a keen sense of happiness and belonging. Prestige Park grove is a residential project owned by Prestige that will rejuvenate happiness as the true essence of living. Here, amidst the elegantly crafted walls and benign designs, you will have a little place where you can rest your tired self because yourself is what needs love the most. Prestige Park grove gives you that and much more. In its luxurious master bedrooms, you will have a place to rest after a cumbersome day at work. If you are someone on the lookout for a perfect place to inhabit with your family while ensuring your safety and provision of the best facilities, you are about to be blessed with the best. At Prestige Park grove, you will be residing amid unflinching glory and beauty. It hosts a seamless string of amenities in its lap and your every need will be catered to in no time. Say "no more" too rough living; say "yes, more" to a smooth, cost-effective living. Prestige Park grove, in a nutshell, is an abode of unfiltered convenience, and that too at the behest of home. Yes, despite its artificial architecture that pays homage to the ancient epoch, Park Grove is a nuanced homely experience. Perhaps this is the most distinctive feature any apartment has to offer. While the sense of being huddled up in the safety of home is lost in the artificial nature of most enclaves, Prestige and all its projects are a pioneer in exuding a homely air. It maintains a perfect balance between indispensable human-made tools and the natural environment. Also, it honors Vastu's compliance with every apartment complying with astrological alignment. The natural feeling is further fueled by proper ventilation that welcomes a genteel breeze and exposure to ample sunlight. Here, you are offered surreal apartments varying from 1BHK ( at Rs. 70 lakhs to Rs. 95 lakhs ) to 3BHK ( at Rs. 1.42 crore to 1.60 crores) depending upon your budgetary and stylistic preferences. They look a bit high, don't they? However, once you consider the elevated lifestyle you will be sticking to here and compare Park Grove to other enclaves providing similar feats, you will not hesitate to milk the opportunity at relatively lower prices. Why should you choose Prestige Park Grove to be your home for the coming days? There is a myriad of reasons to do so as there are amenities to avail of here. But the most distinctive feature has to be the large swathes of greenery and gardens full of skillfully pruned flowers. You have seen luxury on par with Prestige but open spaces amid a bustling metropolis are not only special but a rarity, a blessing in disguise. These open areas and the city itself form an extremely picturesque scenery to appease you and your family and thereby expose you to both natural and human-induced environments. And the balconies are designed and engineered in a way that they overlook the mentioned scenery. You had a rough day at work and now you are fatigued to hell and back? You are feeling depressed and burnout? Fret not. Studies conducted in the last few decades have indicated the beneficial effects of just looking at something pleasing. All you need to it sit on a comfortable hammock chair, or any chair, and sip at your drink watching the sheer beauty of the city as it disappears into the night. This induces a fresh wave of energy in you and you are good as new as if the troublesome day never even happened. With these balconies, you get skillfully designed architecture and semi-furnished rooms. Come bask in such sheer delight of luxury and comfort by joining the Prestige family.

Not to mention the myriad of amenities offered here. Prestige Park grove lives by the motto: " you want it, you got it." A large swimming pool what do you want? Well, you got it. The swimming pool is such that it accommodates pool parties. There is the provision of areas where you can play Tennis, Cricket, Badminton and other games. The yoga and meditation areas are pledged to improving your health and making you live the best lifestyle. The jogging track is the perfect route for your pets and yourself to walk on. The children’s play area is extremely spacious and hosts ample activities for your toddlers and kids who need looking after. The security personnel works with passion and is available at your fingertips. The premises are under 24x7 surveillance to monitor the occurrence of anything suspicious. To say what you get at Prestige Park Grove is available elsewhere is not just an understatement but also a term of disregard. Yes, you will see all these amenities and features elsewhere but here is where you get the most chiselled and buffed version of everything. Lastly, why you should consider buying an apartment is its very location. Prestige Parkgrove reclines in unflinching glory in the neighborhood of Whitefield, Bangalore. The Whitefield existence of Whitefield goes back more than a century. It was not until colonialism that it started to emerge as a hub of services and towering it stands as the most fleshed-out and significant part of Bangalore. Whitefield has contributed generously towards what Bangalore is today. In just a few decades, it has emerged as one of the most prominent IT Parks in the country. It is the hub of numerous public spheres like cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, etc. Attributed to its location, Prestige Park Grove provides proximity to hospitals, schools and colleges that ensure a civic manner of living. The community here is multicultural with people coming in from all parts of India, which provides scopes for learning about your own country. Racism and discrimination in any form are strictly prohibited as it aspires to be a sanctuary where all can co-exist in unquestioned harmony. Prestige Park Grove, as the name indicates, is a grove under which you are encouraged to live a modern lifestyle. With all the amenities and features at your fingertips to relish, Prestige Park Grove beckons you into its service to let you have what you have been craving.

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