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The bustling city of Bangalore has always been synonym with top IT companies, picturesque buildings, vibrant crowds, and brilliant eateries. This city is majorly renowned by the name Silicon Valley of India. The inflow of working professionals into the city has created a massive impact on the real estate front.
The real estate boom of this mega city has done its expansion into several suburban neighborhoods apart from the well-established major localities such as Sarjapur Road, Indiranagar, and Koramangala. The thriving locality of Whitefield is one of the best examples of this.
If you are desired of residing in Whitefield, then here you have got everything that you must know about the locality.
Whitefield: An Emerging Locality
Undoubtedly, when it comes to investing in the booming sector of Bangalore real estate, Whitefield is one of the top places. This locality is the dream of each investor from well-rounded urban living to rapid appreciation in the prices of property. Let's opt for finding out why.
Whitefield is a Picture-Perfect Paradise
Whitefield has rapidly emerged to be one of the top runners in the best residential area of the city of Bangalore because of the immense crowd in the region. The ITPL or International Tech Park in the Whitefield region which was one of the first IT parks in the nation has made a massive contribution to this growth along with other IT enclaves, for instance, Sigma Soft Tech Park, International Tech Park Bangalore, etc.
The dynamic population of the city is the reason behind a domino effect on the flourishing of social infrastructure in the locality. Apart from this, Whitefield is also equipped with eight expensive shopping malls and it is also peppered with an incredible dose of majorly popular educational institutes, luxury hotels, and leading hospitals. This region also serves with unparalleled connectivity to all the major hubs of the city making it the most desired neighborhood for residing.

Advantages of Living in Whitefield

● Never a dull moment: With a host of leading malls such as Phoenix Market City and Forum Value Mall, holistic entertainment for you and your family is all situated within a radius of a stone's throw at Whitefield. Getting to your destination would never be a hassle here in Whitefield whether it is the biggest fashion sale of the year or it is the latest movie in town.

● Everyday Commute to Work has Become Hassle Free: Whitefield is the hub of major commercial giants and IT parks that make it a beehive for working professionals. Your daily drive to your work and back home would be much more therapeutic than hectic by residing in this booming locality.

● Social Amenities for Each Member of the Family: The backbone of urban living is being nestled between top social amenities and Whitefield exactly offers that. You will never be required to leave the neighborhood for anything due to the availability of top-notch medical care, opulent hotels, and world-class education by your doorstep.

Properties in Whitefield

Whitefield is situated at a distance of only 3 km away from the nearest railway station and 44 km away from Bangalore Internationa Airport. It was just a matter of time before Whitefield came to be known as one of the top real estate hubs of this capital city of Karnataka. There is the availability of all types of properties for all types of investors, whether you are a first-time home buyer or an NRI who is looking for investing in India.
The transformation of Whitefield from just another locality in the outskirts to an upmarket vicinity is nothing less than remarkable. Originally, this locality was a settlement region where Anglo-Indian and European communities used to reside in the year 1882.
The establishment of the International Tech Park or ITPL in the year 1994 proved to be a turning point in history when a large number of IT professionals began traveling to their neighborhoods for their work. Today, Whitefield has seen above 3 lakh working professionals commuting in and out daily Given below is a list of companies in ITPL Bangalore:

● General Motors
● Tata Consultancy Services
● Delphi
● Mu Sigma
● Oracle
● Sharp
● Medtronic
● IPsoft
● Gyansys Infotech
The highly energetic and young crowd in this list of companies in ITPL Bangalore has given birth to a new wave of apartments in Whitefield.

Ready to Move in Apartments or Flats in Whitefield vs. Upcoming Projects

Most often home buyers ponder over a common question with a massive range of alternatives of apartments and villas available in Whitefield- should I opt for investing in a ready-to-move apartment in Whitefield or an upcoming project? Though there are both pros and cons on both sides of the coin, here is what you are required to consider while deciding what is best for you.

● Property Value

When it comes to investing in real estate, opting out of purchasing those apartments in Whitefield that is under construction is the best way to initiate. Here, you will find not only the prices of property at least 20 to 40 percent lesser contrary of ready-to-move homes, but the return on investment will also be much higher. In addition to this, the monthly EMI that you will be required to pay during the construction period will also be much lesser in amount contrary to a completed project.

● Risk Factor

There are a large number of investors particularly first-time home buyers, who feel that there is some amount of risk associated while purchasing a home that is under construction. The risk is that there is the possibility of not getting what for which you were promised to be delivered.
However, you may easily avoid this risk by opting for renowned real estate property developers who have over the years built their strong reputation of trust and assurance.

● Availability

As it is suggested by its name, there is a huge advantage of instant availability of ready-to-move-in apartments in Whitefield. In addition to this, you also have the additional benefit of seeing what you are going to purchase.
However, if you are looking at purchasing a home from the angle of investment and are desired of steering clear of any kind of risks then you must opt for a property that is under construction from a renowned real estate property developer that will be your best bet.

Social Infrastructure

It is extremely safe to state that the social infrastructure in and around a neighborhood is a make-or-break factor for purchasing a home. Apart from the basic amenities such as top-notch educational institutes and reputed medical centers, it also becomes crucial to have several malls, restaurants, and other commercial outlets that promote urban living.
In addition to this, there is also a requirement of being well-connected to the rest of the city. When it comes to a thriving social infrastructure Whitefield is well-versed with everything.
Whitefield is very well connected to all the top localities of Bangalore via two main roads- Whitefield Road and HAL Old Airport Road. Both these roads are four-way lanes that establish connectivity through Mahadevapura and Marathahalli respectively. The network of roadways in the city of Bangalore that is scattered through these two arterial lanes establishes better connectivity and easy accessibility from any other locality through these two arterial lanes.
The purple line of the Namma Metro project apart from impeccable roadways is proposed for comprising 36 stations that are extended from Kengeri in West Bangalore to Whitefield in East Bangalore. The whole stretch of 42.53 km will be a breeze for all those travelers who are in search of ways for escaping mundane traffic hours.

Top Schools and Colleges in Whitefield

Whitefield is situated in proximity to several leading educational institutes that are extremely necessary for ensuring that your children are having a plethora of alternatives to choose from for a bright future. In addition to this, there is a multitude of colleges and schools in Whitefield, and a few of the best schools in this locality are highlighted below:

● The Deens Academy
● Vydehi School of Excellence
● Chrysalis High
● Samskrithi Academy
● KLAY Prep School and DayCare
● Glentree Academy
● MVJ College of Engineering
● Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences
● International School of Management Excellence
● Gopalan School of Architecture and Planning
● Deeksha at Whitefield Global School

Top Software Companies in Whitefield

The IT boom of Whitefield has almost captured the growth of the locality single-handedly into one of the most sought-after suburbs. Given below are a few of the top software companies in the Whitefield region.
● Genisys Group
● Tata Consultancy Services
● Infineon Technologies
● IBM Global Services
● SAP Labs India

Top Hospitals in Whitefield

Each family needs to live the proximity to a top-notch medical family. Luckily, the privileged residents of this area are spoilt for their choice with the massive array of healthcare facilities that are dotting the locality. Given below are some of them:
● Manipal Hospital
● White Cross Dental
● Vydehi Hospital
● Cloudine Hospital
● Columbia Asia Hospital

Entertainment and Recreation

As the saying goes that all work without any play makes Jack a dull boy. It would be safer to say that this quote would prove to be true while investing in any kind of real estate property as well. If you are in search of adequate alternatives to entertainment in and around your neighborhood, then Whitefield is the most appropriate alternative for you. Here, you can find why.

Top Hotels and Restaurants in Whitefield

Eating out or ordering in is one of the habits of urban families. Your family will be spoilt for choice in the Whitefield region with a massive array of eateries in the neighborhood.
● Absolute Barbeques
● BelgYum
● Biergarten
● Mooch Marod
● The Irish House

Top Hotels in Whitefield

When it comes to urban living hospitality is key. Whether you are in search of a luxurious banquet hall for the first birthday of your child or during the late hours of the night you are craving sta ar-rated meal, residing in the proximity of an opulent hotel comes with its own set of advantages. Given below are the top luxury hotels in the Whitefield region.
● Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
● Taj Vivanta
● Marriott Hotel
● Lemon Tree Hotel
● Four Points by Sheraton

Malls and Entertainment Zones in Whitefield

Mall and fun-filled family time have always gone hand-in-hand. It is the most perfect place for unwinding and having a good time with your loved ones from branded pop-ups to top food outlets. Apart from this, Whitefield is peppered with a good dose of entertainment zones and malls that in turn makes it a phenomenal neighborhood for investors from all walks of life.
● Inorbit Mall
● Forum Neighborhood Mall
● Park Square Mall
● Retail Stores
● Jealous 21
● Marks & Spencers
● Smart Kids

Prestige Park Grove- An Upcoming Address

There is no surprise that investors are flocking in search of their dream home with a plethora of hospitals, educational institutes, hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets packed in one substantial neighborhood.
If you are in search of a tremendous residential property in the heart of Whitefield, then you are required to ensure that you head out for Prestige Group properties. The thoughtful and aesthetical use of open spaces along with world-class amenities will assist you in rediscovering the magic of nature in Bangalore.

Top Reasons Why Prestige Park Grove Must be Your Next Address

● Community Living along with Top-Notch Amenities
Undoubtedly, gated communities are getting sold out such as hot cakes in the real estate industry. Here, you are never going to experience a dull moment at Prestige Park Grove with a host of a plethora of phenomenal amenities such as a senior citizen park, swimming pool, clubhouse, pet zone, skating rink, laundromat, lush jogging tracks, and a well-equipped gymnasium.
Apart from this, it is the ideal home for you and your family and even for your furry friends. The global facilities that are offered comprise round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance on large acres of land area & 80 percent of open spaces.
● Aesthetically Designed Living Spaces
A large number of thoughts and planning have been employed in designing each apartment at Prestige Park Grove. In the beginning, there will some residential units on each floor that serves unparalleled privacy for each resident. In addition to this, each floor in this premise is placed very strategically for ensuring that all homes are well-versed with an adequate amount of cross-ventilation and sunlight that doesn't leave any stone unturned in bringing the green indoors.
● Credible Brand Name
Prestige Park Grove is considered one of the most anticipated new launches of the Prestige Group. Prestige Group with more than a decade of experience in transforming the skyline of Bangalore has established itself as one of the top real estate builders and developers in the city. If you opt for investing in a property developed by Prestige Group, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice for you and your family.

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